EliteX EX 

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Name: EliteX EX 

Ticker: EX

Decimals: 18

Contract address in BSC: 0xE787bd27C2fa7518d1944576dc55c2AcEAeDb719

Initial supply: 30 000 000 (fully utilised for initial liquidity of 50 000 USD)

Max supply: 100 000 000 (locked for Farming and Staking rewards)
Farms are already open in www.coinswap.space and soon in pancakeswap.




(full info in the Whitepaper)



EliteX exchange was launching its very own native exchange token “EX”. On 10 October 2021
The launching price was 0.001666USD. Trading is available in www.elitex.exchange and www.coinswap.space


EX is created for the sole purpose of reducing trading costs within the EliteX exchange ecosystem, giving traders more possibilities to trade and make the EliteX brand more known in the crypto environment..


EX will give a 50% discount on trading fees to traders who decide to pay for their trading costs with EX. This feature can be turned on or off by every user. EX can also be used for farming, staking and much more via partner DEX platforms.

EliteX stands for transparency and therefore conducting the launch without ICO, without team tokens or hidden data.
Launch will take place in October 2021 via DEX platform’s Coinswap Space. 

Before the launch, nobody, including the team, will not have any tokens. Read Full info from the whitepaper